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Saddle Pads
                                  Tan Wool Contoured Pad

100% tan or grey wool pad has a contoured spine, withers cut out and premium hand sewn top grain wear leathers.

Size: 32 x 32

Available in 3/4" or 1" thickness    3/4" $103.95        1" $107.95

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                                                    BioFit Correction pad by Classic Equine. 

The BioFit saddle pad is a great remedy for a number of common issues.  It works well in cases where the saddle tips forward and collapses on the spine or shoulder.  It also helps even out saddle pressure on horses with high withers and a sunken or atrophied area just behind the scapula.  It features a "build-up" strategically positioned to fit behind the horse's scapula.  The build-up is soft enough to conform to varied conformations, yet offers the added support necessary to fill void spaces under he saddle.  By eliminating uneven pressure points, horses stay sounder and remain in competition longer.  

This missing muscle mass often seen just behind the shoulder blade can be the result of a number of causes such as ill-fitting saddles, conformation, or simply a diminishing topline due to old age.  No matter the cause, the BioFit Correction Pad can help keep your horse more comfortable and improve his performance. 

WFP130 30"x30"                                 $189.95
WFP132 31"X32"                                $189.95
                                                                       ESP Contour

Contoured 100% New Zealand wool blanket top can be folded back for shim placement if necessary and lays clean and flat against the pad.

 Contoured felt body with a shaped design to mimic the horse’s topline.

 Xylafoam center with a self adjusting profile that provides the highest level of protection. 

Orthopedic grade felt bottom soaks up moisture, allowing heat to dissipate away from the horse’s back. 
Conforms to the horse’s back while maintaining density. One-pad system perfect for all disciplines.

Pad sizes 32" X 34" and 34" X 38"     $215.00
32" X 34"
32" X 34"
34" X 38"
34" X 38"
                      ESP Felt Top

3/8 wool blend top for shock absorption

Xylafoam center with a self adjusting profile that provides the highest level of protection. 

5/8 orthopedic grade felt bottom soaks up moisture allowing heat to dissipate from your horses back.

Conforms to the horse's back while maintaining density and provides excellent shock absorption.

Cut out over withers and contoured to fit your horse's back with a split design that allows the pad to move with the horse.

31" X 32"  - $210.00
             The Classic Equine® 100% Felt 

Made with an advanced grade 100% wool consisting of 80% virgin fibers. 

Felt is pressed for better compression rebound and a much longer life than the typical synthetic or needled felt pads.

Superior ability to disperse pressure, wick away moisture, and diffuse heat.

Super soft and pliable, this pad easily and naturally conforms to the horses back.

 Extremely durable, long lasting, and provides increased shock absorption and comfort against your horse. Cut out over the withers and contoured to fit close to you horses back.

30" X 32" - 1/2" - $169.00

30"X 32" - 3/4" - $199.00

30" X 32" - 1"  - $249.00
                                                Woven Mohair Wool Bottom Pad

 6 1/2 pound mohair wool Navajo blanket top looks great for show or pleasure.

Pad has a 1/2" felt center and 1/2” tan wool bottom with top grain wear leathers. 

The wool bottom assists with moisture wicking to help keep your horse cooler and dryer. Great pad for the show ring or everyday use. 

36" x 34"   Available in 3 colors: Turquoise/Blue, Black/White, Brown/Tan   $98.95     

Made in the USA.